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Red Stone Contracting Inc. has been remodeling properties in GTA since 2001 and in this period, we have developed into one of the area’s leading general contractors. We have been the remodeling company of choice on properties ranging from home renovations, commercial offices and institutions. All projects have one thing in common-the same degree of care and attention. We work hard to maintain our reputation as specialists of high quality interior or exterior renovation for private clients. We also work with professional interior designers when requested.

Basement Renovations
One of the most underrated and most useful places of our home is the place where everything is. Although it has different names and purposes, the basement as it is commonly called helps us with so much.
Bathroom Renovations
Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Red Stone Contracting Inc. has exactly what you’re looking for and can provide beautiful new bathroom solutions to make your washroom a work of art. Utilize Red Stone Contracting unique capabilities to not only renovate your bathroom but to re invasion your space by turning it into a personal sanctuary.
Kitchen Renovations
Kitchens have become the centerpiece of the modern home, and a focal point of everyday life and entertaining. More than any other room, the kitchen seems to be where we spend more and more time while at home. A well-designed cooking and dining area can inspire you to spend more time preparing meals and can be the motivation for entertaining friends or family over and showing off your well honed gourmet skills.
Kitchen Cabinets
The interiors of your kitchen are defined primarily by the cabinets in it since they cover a major area. If you wish to give your kitchen a completely new look but you also have a restricted budget, the most intelligent thing to do is to overhaul the kitchen cabinets.
Tile Installation
Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your home? Often referred as the fifth wall in any room, you floor is more than just the surface you walk upon; it’s a powerful design element that creates atmosphere and mood that can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your home’s overall design.
Home Additions
Many a times our house would require improvements and additions in a bid to follow the trends or add new rooms when new come to your life. There are many valid reasons when you would require home improvements and additions.
Painting Services
The simplest and most cost effective way to transform your home is through an interior painting project. Interior painting allows you to make over a single room or your entire house and can substantially increase your home’s value, especially if your current paint is scuffed or marred or if the colours are alternately garish or drab. Further, if you’re selling your home, a complete paint job in bright, neutral tones makes it easier for prospective buyers to envision the space as their own, thus increasing your chances of selling.
Electrical Services
There are many electrical parts and components in a house like lights, switches and outlets which tend to get damaged after certain years of usages. To fix all these electrical parts you need to have right tools and knowledge about the circuits.
Homeowners often get annoyed with the dull surroundings of their house and such dull landscapes make your house look lifeless and boring. So, it is necessary to do landscaping regularly to make it loom livelier and captivating, while enhancing the aesthetic value of your house.