Basement Renovations in Etobicoke

One of the most underrated and most useful places of our home is the place where everything is. Although it has different names and purposes, the basement as it is commonly called helps us with so much. From storage to an additional bedroom, there’s no lack of purposes that it doesn’t offer. Because it isn’t used very often, they tend to go out of shape and that is why you should consider basement renovations so you get a new and lively basement in your home!

Why should you go for basement renovations?

Modern homeowners often cite storage and space as two of their top issues. If you’re looking for more space in your home but want to avoid the high costs associated with building an addition, basement finishing helps you to utilize what space your home already offers by transforming it into a recreation room, guest suite, home theater , bar, home office, personal gym, spare kitchen or bathroom, or any other space you can imagine. While rooms above stairs are often reserved for formal get-togethers, basement finishing provides space in your home for more casual entertaining, cozy and private family-only space, or groups of loud teenagers.

Why Choose Red Stone Contracting Inc. for your Basement Finishing?

Basement finishing is unlike any other home renovation project, but many companies treat the basement like any other in the house. They end up using materials that aren’t waterproof and that soon deteriorate in your basement’s climate. At Red Stone Contracting Inc in Etobicoke ., we understand what it takes to renovate every room in your home. We strive to use high-quality and durable waterproofing materials that will withstand the worst of what the  Etobicoke weather has to offer. Basements are often the center of your home’s utilities and store such vital equipment as your furnace and water heater. Our expert staff understands how to work around these fixtures so that they continue to function as normal, but do not obstruct your beautiful new design.

The under-utilized basement is among the most versatile and customizable spaces in the modern home. Every homeowner’s vision for their completed basement finishing project is vastly different, which is why we offer so many flooring options including wood, tile, parquet, and carpet, endless paint colors and finishes for your wall panels, a variety of crown molding designs and ceiling tiles, and numerous options for lighting from suspended lighting to task and pendant lights. The basement of your dreams is within your reach. Contact the dedicated and passionate home improvement experts at Red Stone Contracting Inc. today to bring your kitchen renovation, basement finishing, or bathroom renovation vision to life.

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