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Tile Installation in Burlington & Oakville

Not much is less appealing than dirty and deteriorating flooring or walls. Family members and guests will be loath to step on stained carpeting, tiling with mouldy or dirty grout, or pieces of broken-off wall. Update your home with a beautiful new tile installation from the flooring experts at Red Stone Contractors. From design to installation, our highly trained staff will ensure that the tile installation for your kitchen, hearth, patio, or bathroom renovation fits your needs in terms of function, style, and finance.

What are the Benefits of a Tile Installation from Red Stone Contracting Inc.?

Flooring and walling are often at the very back of our minds until something goes wrong. Flooring plays a vital role in the look and feel of a room, either enhancing its aesthetic and design or detracting from it while varying tile wall textures add elegance and sophistication to any room. Tile is ideal for surfaces that are constantly splashed with water and need to undergo regular cleaning such as kitchen and bathroom floors. Our materials comply with the latest industry standards for durability, ease of maintenance, and water resistance, and our cost-efficient and high-quality tile installation will last for decades, despite the unforgiving climates of your bathroom or kitchen.
Flooring and walling are dramatic and powerful design elements that bring cohesion and flow to every other feature in a room. At Red Stone Contracting Inc., we offer the latest trends in our tile installation to complement your home’s style. Choose from among our many tile materials and aesthetics.

Ceramic – This clay tile is among the most popular and versatile floor materials. It can be characterized either as porcelain – which gives the tiles a glassy appearance — or non-porcelain.
Stone – Classic natural stones such as marble, granite, slate, and limestone add instant elegance to any room’s flooring or walls.
Shapes – Tiles can be cut into octagons, circles, diamonds, rectangles, or a wide range of other shapes to fit your design preferences.
Colours and Finishes – While neutral tile tones allow you to play up other design elements, brightly coloured tile can be a bold statement or add character to a kitchen or bathroom. Choose from shiny acid wash finishes, weather brushed finishes or rough split-faced finishes that add texture to your home.
Begin your bathroom or kitchen renovation project with tile installation from Red Stone Contractors. For over 10 years, Oakville and Burlington residents have trusted our attentive and dedicated staff with their home improvement projects.

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